YORfuture Programme

The YORfuture Shared Apprenticeship Programme is a unique collaboration between YORhub Construction Frameworks for Yorkshire and the Humber, EN:Able Futures Community Interest Company and is funded by CITB.


The YORhub Frameworks since their formation have maintained a keen focus to ensure that projects procured and delivered by the frameworks provide excellent employment and skills outcomes from school engagement workshops through to apprenticeships and moving into employment. Each project procured via the YORhub Frameworks has a bespoke employment and skills plan which sets out the required outcomes and the method leading to its achievement.


To further improve the employment and skills outcomes achieved the YORfuture Shared Apprenticeship Programme provides a flexible and high quality to solution to apprenticeship provision particularly where employers may not have the resources to take apprentices on a full-time basis, particularly within the current economic climate.


Apprentices benefit from the security of employment, access to a greater level of learning and experience, whilst making key contacts with several local companies. Employers choose durations to suit their demand thus enjoying all the benefits of an apprentice, minimising both risk and cost to their business. Both employers and apprentices are provided with a simple and effective solution that does not substitute traditional recruitment but instead drives additional skills development to meet the needs of employers and industry.


Information for Employers

Information for Apprentices