Blog: YOR New Apprentice

Before I found out I had been successful in applying for the apprenticeship with YORhub I had spent the last months of my college life being warned off choosing to go down the apprenticeship path by my various subject teachers who claimed that I would be spending the next year making people tea and not much else. Obviously I ignored that advice completely and am now sitting at my desk writing this blog, as opposed to being sat in a classroom staring at a wall, so I am being more productive. Productive being a word I was never really associated with while at college.


Only being 3 weeks into my apprenticeship, I feel that I have learnt a lot more than I had expected to by this point. I have attended a couple of meetings which have given me an insight into what it is YORhub actually does and allowed me to meet more people involved in the organisation.  I have also met Lee Parkinson, the Director of Efficiency North and outgoing Interim Head of Operations for YORhub. He talked to me about how he started off as an apprentice as well, which gave me a lot of confidence in the fact that I had made the right choice in leaving full time education, although I did have my doubts as I have always had a hard time trusting Manchester United fans.


Settling in was probably one of my biggest worries before I started, however the team here couldn’t have been more welcoming and I feel comfortable already.  They’ve helped me with many of the tasks I have had to do, whether it has been a maths test or trying to get my head round using Excel.


I spent two years at college waking up an hour late and turning up half dead for my lessons so I was expecting to find it extremely difficult getting myself up on time every day but even that hasn’t been a problem. I’m enjoying it even more than I anticipated. I have no homework and I’ve only made tea once.


Evan Williams, YORhub Business Support and Marketing Apprentice at Efficiency North