Building Your Future at Camp Bestival!

Now, you know we have mentioned before about our work with Terri-Ann Prendergast and her amazing new song ‘Building Your Future’…. Now we are pleased to hear that she performed it at Camp Bestival and it went down amazingly well!


Camp Bestival is the family festival equivalent to Bestival, which is one of the biggest festivals in the UK. Located in Dorset, Camp Bestival’s attendance this year was around 30,000 people. Terri-Ann performed to a packed-out Den Stage, which is a stage specifically aimed at people aged 17 and under.


Everyone was singing along to her cover tracks and listening eagerly to her original songs. She closed her set with an acoustic rendition of the song she wrote for us, ‘Building Your Future’. We are proud to say that the response was incredible with Terri-Ann being greeted off stage by lots of people with great big smiles! Many said ‘Building your Future’ really inspired them, especially since a lot of the young people there were just leaving school and debating about the next steps in their careers.


One fan commented:


“I had tears in my eyes listening to that song! It really fits the way I feel right at this moment and it’s made me feel really inspired!”


About the experience, Terri-Ann commented:


“Overall it was a perfect setting to play ‘Building Your Future’ live and I’m really excited to put the single and video out, and get it heard across Yorkshire. I feel like it will speak to a lot of young people who are feeling confused or lost about their future, and hopefully it will spread a new feeling of hope and excitement at these new prospects! After all the ‘good life’ is there for all who are ready for it!”


On behalf of Futureworks Yorkshire, we want to say a big thank you to Terri-Ann on putting together this amazing track and we are so pleased to hearing that today’s young people are finding it inspirational…. and we can’t wait to share it with you when it becomes available on iTunes very soon!