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Today we’ve been interviewed by BBC Look North talking: apprenticeships, the apprenticeship levy, skills shortages, the north/south divide and investing in the training and development of our young people.


This interview follows on from the Great British Apprenticeship Challenge @gbac2017 held at Unity Works on 28th February.


Visiting the new Learning Centre at Wakefield being constructed by Bardsley Construction,  Harry Gration from BBC Look North wanted to get behind the scenes of the life and opportunities of the apprentices in Yorkshire and explore the potential effect of the Apprenticeship Levy, delayed Northern Powerhouse, critical skills shortages and the migration from North to South of talented young people in search of a more stable future.


Amy Garcia and Harry Gration started the interview with these opening words “It’s National Apprenticeship Week. The Government have said that there are 3 million apprentices to be created in the years ahead, sounds great doesn’t it and it is a figure to be proud of as the economy heads in a new direction after Brexit. But Hold On! There are warning signs too. Will companies spend their money, “the Levy” as it is called, on new young people or existing staff, will schools stop poo pooing apprenticeships versus university education. All food for thought if you are a parent and wanting to give advice to your son or daughter”…………


Take a look at some of our apprentices (and our very own Mark Scott) in action on BBC Look North here.



At Futureworks (Yorkshire) we support the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, which ensures a demand led approach to skills training, but we really want the focus to be on quality new apprentices rather than statistical counting of the masses. The challenge is on for Quality to win out over Quantity, and the confusion behind the Levy to be put to one side in favour of more young people entering our workforce.


With a reported 300,000 qualified young people last year moving South for a secure future, we must do something in the North to protect our growth and have the future skills we desperately need.


Big thanks to our very own apprentices Kirsty McPherson (on placement with Bardsley), Bryn Roberts (on placement with NPS Barnsley) and Momodou Jatta (on placement with Bardsley) who got involved in this feature, along with partners Bardsley Construction and NPS Barnsley, together with Wakefield College.