Blog post: Choices – a little, big word…


This year has been another year of change for me personally.


I have never been afraid of change and in some respects don’t think I could comfortably exist in a world absent of change as it feels like it has been continual in my life for so long. However, recently I have been reflecting much more on the changes and lessons (that are continuous), which impact both my professional and personal life.


Questioning myself – What is it I do to make the change? Could I impact the change differently? If I had done something another way, what would be different? Do I want to stop the changes? Why change? What have I learned from the changes? Would I do things differently given the opportunity to do so? The questions go on and on……


My reflections follow the same patterns and the one thing, which is key and consistent throughout, is my ability to recognise many of the changes in my life have come from the choices I have made. In our world where chaos, terror and uncertainty have been continually in the headlines recently, I believe for as long as I have choices about things in my professional and personal life, I can continue to contribute to and make a difference in my own and other people’s lives. I feel privileged to be able to do so. ‘Choices’ a seemingly simple word, with potentially enormous consequences, providing the opportunity to make a difference.


Why do I think this is relevant now? I know we are midst exam season, which usually means for many people there are choices galore. It was some years ago but I still recall the dread, the stress and the pressure at the time, not only of sitting exams but the bigger fear was knowing what to say when people asked (as they frequently did) ‘what did I want to do next?’ and ‘What do you want to be’. All I knew was there was a big world out there and I wanted to see it. I absolutely didn’t ‘know’ what I wanted to do next. I did know that I liked people, I did know I was interested in the big wide world, I did know I wanted somehow to be able to make a difference in the big wide world and more importantly I knew I wanted to be me and not be something else. Well having now lived a little, learned a few lessons, experienced much change as a consequence of choices I have made along the way, I do feel qualified to share with you my recent reflections.


I think it is absolutely ok not to ‘know what you want to do’ or, ‘know what you want to be’. I survived and I didn’t have a clear game plan but on reflection I did have some key principles. I wanted to work with people, enjoyed meeting new people, I wanted to travel and experience new cultures, new places, I enjoyed understanding how cities and communities work and interact, I enjoyed contributing to our society and making a difference and most importantly I wanted to be me.


One of the lessons I have learned and can share is I know there are many people out there who can help and offer support and share their stories and experiences (Hannah did in our last blog) to those who need it. These opportunities provide important learning which can positively influence the choices we make, sometimes the learning doesn’t feel positive but another lesson I have learned is it is the difficult times, decisions and choices we make which are the most valuable. We are all unique. We will all make different choices. We will all want different things but as long as we have the opportunity to make choices about our lives we are privileged and can enjoy rich lives.


I think it is healthy to reflect and maintain we can all continue to learn to make sure we live rich and fulfilled lives, choices play an important part in our journey. Enjoy yours………


Best wishes