The 1964 Industrial Training Act gave the then Minister of Labour statutory powers to create industrial training boards, which would be responsible for training in a number of UK industries, setting standards and providing advice to firms.


It is this Act and the later Industrial Training Act 1982 that gave CITB its mandate to collect a levy from construction employers and to use this to build competitive advantage in the industry through skills.


Services provided through the levy system included:


  • Employer support
  • Information, advice and guidance for those seeking Careers in construction
  • Research including labour market forecasting to anticipate and plan for skills needs
  • Qualifications & standards for the industry


As a social enterprise and charity, they also sell and deliver training and skills related products so that any profit can further support their work.


They have now been helping to keep the construction industry well-skilled and competitive for 48 years.


Their role for industry is reviewed regularly and, following consultation with the sector MPs, voted in March 2012 to retain the construction industry Levy for another three years.


Since 2003, CITB, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and CITB-ConstructionSkills Northern Ireland  have  worked in partnership as the Sector Skills Council for Construction, ConstructionSkills.


With their partners,  they take a lead role in developing training strategy and influencing supply and funding for the whole construction sector. This means that they work closely with Governments, employers and training bodies in a number of capacities.


For more information on CITB, please visit their website via the following link.