The dreaded ‘P’ word


It’s November and speaking to Catherine there was much debate as to what this month’s blog should be about… links to Christmas being too early, bonfire night, change… and the conclusion was I should go away and think about something! This is where I wonder to the shops to purchase a bottle or a box of inspiration….


Now I don’t know about you but when I wonder to the shops on my own, I have my thinking time. This normally involves me working out which of the 101 tasks I need to do I’ll focus on next, and with that the dreaded ‘P’word… Planning. Sometimes I don’t know why I bother?!


After a week’s holiday I had November planned out in terms of jobs to do, and I was doing OK in keeping to it until the unexpected happen (the majority before the first week of November was out)… a blown tyre, website issues for a client, the friend deciding to get married in four months times and needing assistance with planning (I’m not complaining in case she reads this) or the sudden realisation I am doing the ‘Christmas’ thing with part of my family at the end of November (purely because we all live everywhere so finding a date isn’t easy) and therefore I need to do my Christmas shopping!


The world we live in involves planning…. So much planning… With work we plan (not just for us, but in some cases others). With home life we plan. With Christmas (yes I am sorry for mentioning that word three times already), we plan.


Even when we plan, that plan can soon be out of the window due to one little occurrence of something unexpected.


For Futureworks (Yorkshire), we are planning at the moment, and of course we need to be prepared for the unexpected. As we undergo a period of change, we are keeping with our true style of gradually ‘drip feeding’ information as to what is happening. But what are we planning? The main thing for us is to ensure you are all kept fully informed of the changes, and ensure nothing changes for you in terms of the services and opportunities we offer. In addition we are planning how our key messages may change, how we present visually the symbols of change (logos and websites for example) and how we ensure nothing changes for the apprentices and businesses we work with.


It is all positive for us, and fits with our line of ‘building positive futures together’. We very much want to ensure you remain with us as we go through our period of change, and as always, if you have any comments please feel free to share them with our amazing team (yes we are biased but I think we can be).


Now whilst those in charge focus on the serious planning, I will carry on planning too… managing work for all my clients, logistics, Christmas (sorry!!!) etc, etc…. This is when I miss being employed… someone could be helping me with all this planning! Now if anyone knows how I can find an extra 24 hours a week to fit everything in that would be very much appreciated… think it is bad planning if I am at that stage though.