EN:Able Future’s First Symposium



On the 21st March EN:Able Futures hosted our first symposium, tackling one of the hot topics of the moment- ‘Apprenticeships are more than just the levy’.


Alongside a number of our business partners and representatives from the ESFA and CITB we came together to review the skills issues facing the industry, exploring challenges and sharing solutions to better support the industry moving forward.


There was a lively debate and discussion across a range of related subject areas, with particular focus on the need to improve careers and ensure our industry can operate on a level playing field moving forward while simultaneously promoting the value of apprenticeships as part of the journey.


Mark Scott and Catherine Bishop (EN:Able Futures) updated the group on the ‘shared scheme’ and the benefits of using it, whilst Bev Moxon (ESFA) updated the group on apprenticeships, transferring the levy, and the upcoming T Levels.


Watch this space for a follow up event, aimed specifically at solutions to the careers challenges raised!