Engaging with education

We just wanted to draw you to another bit of coverage of #BuildingYourFuture thanks to Go Construct!


‘Building Your Future’ brought together the talents of an award-winning singer/songwriter, a team of local actors and a construction company to produce a video about construction being a viable career option.


FutureWorks Yorkshire commented:


“The image of construction to young people is often one of manual trades and can be very male orientated. This is only a minor part of the story. Construction and the built environment can provide a varied career option to people of all abilities and aspirations.  We hope this video will speak to anyone who is feeling confused about their future, and hopefully it will spread a new feeling of hope and excitement!”


Penned by Yorkshire-based Terri-Ann Prendergast, acted by local students from Wakefield College and featuring Bradford company GVisions, this video helps to deconstruct some of the misconceptions of the industry, and to showcase the variety of roles available.