Evan Williams

Evan Williams“It’s now a year since I started out as Business and Marketing Support Assistant at Efficiency North, I’ve completed my NVQ Level 2 and I’ve learnt more in one year than I did in the 3 years that preceded it. I’ve been to all sorts of events, met all sorts of people, and am now a fully-fledged basic marketing skills genius.


“Having finished my first year, my latest task is to write this blog reflecting on what I have done and how I feel it went. To begin with I would say for me it’s been a definite success (you’ll have to ask the others what they think). I feel that I have progressed in many more ways than I thought I would, outside of work as well as in it. I’ve found that mainly due to the fact I’m enjoying what I do, everything that I struggled with in the past is a lot easier and I have let go of many of the issues that I once had. A lot of this is down to the people around me during my time in Moorfoot, who have taught me about responsibility and work ethic as well as social housing. They’ve not been afraid to give me a nudge when I start slipping into old habits but they’ve also let me know when I’ve been doing well which has helped me to gain belief in my abilities.


“One of my favourite parts of work is going to different events and places, from the CIH Conference and TeenTech to the Golden Bolt Ceremony at Morley Newlands School. I’ve been asked to do something different at every event I’ve been to which has meant that I’ve picked up new skills and experiences rather than doing the same thing over and over. All of this has contributed to the portfolio I’ve been working on for my qualification, and all of the different things I’ve been up to over the year enabled me to complete my NVQ before it was due, as I’ve had much more to write about than I would have if I spent all of my time at my desk.


“As I got further into the year I was asked to take on bigger tasks. These included the YORbuild Contractors Guide I compiled which was the first publication I did completely on my own. Doing pieces like the Contractors Guide was probably what I have gained most from, especially as it was work that I did myself, and has also prepared me for when I start my NVQ Level 3 in August as I will be doing much more similar work.


“This year has been very enjoyable for me, and has given me a sense of what I want to do in the future. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout the last 12 months and I’m now looking forward to starting my Level 3 qualification.”