Can you help these available apprentices?


As you will know we offer the Shared Apprenticeship Scheme, meaning that our apprentices will move from placement to placement during their apprenticeship to meet the needs of the host contractors.


Companies can help us by providing gap placements for our apprentices. By providing a placement, not only will the individual apprentice benefit from further work experience, but your company will benefit from linking in with a local young person and potentially finding that next addition to your workforce.


At the moment, we are now looking for companies that may be able to take on apprentices whose current placements are about to come to an end.



Hull Area

Thomas and Daniel, both aged 19, are looking for Multi-Skilled placements from 5th January 2017. They are both in the second year of their apprenticeship and their current placements are coming to an end due to site completion.


If you can help any of these apprentices move on to new placements, please call us on 0330 606 1441 or email Julie and Nicky at / .