Jennifer Drake

Assistant Development Coach


“I decided to become a Development Coach because it combines my experience with young people, employers and education but was also going to help develop my skills and knowledge of apprenticeships and the construction industry.”


Jennifer tells us that she always gravitated to working with young people in dribs and drabs over various jobs. She then got a job focusing solely on NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) young people and did that for the past 5 years. This gave her a good working knowledge of the barriers and issues that may face a lot of young people today and how to help them to overcome them.


Jennifer has completed a PGCE last year and is trained to teach individuals 16+ with a strong focus around engagement and employability.


Jen’s role is to help recruit apprentices and support them throughout the duration of the apprenticeship with EN:Able Futures.


She liaises with colleges, training providers and employers. If an apprentice has any issues that may stop them from succeeding, her role is to step in and do what she can to help them stay on track and to get them to where they want to go.