Let us let an apprentice say a few words….

With a busy month of events, and catching up with local businesses and employers, we’ve been asking our apprentices to put pen to paper and give us a few words. Why you may ask? We want our apprentices to share their experiences, update us on the progress they feel they are making in their career journeys and showcase to others the type of tasks they perform on a day to day basis.


Thanks to George Spendiff, a Maintenance Operative Apprentice for Kier Living in Sheffield, who has shared a few words this month….


“I really enjoy my apprenticeship because I get to do a range of things. I have the opportunity¬†to learn trades I’ve never done before and it’s good because I get to meet new people, as well, from different trades. I feel that I get on with my colleagues really well – it’s good to be able to get on and have a laugh and joke with them too. So far I’ve done bricklaying, joinery and bits of ground work and I have to say they are all good trades and fun to do but I prefer joinery so far. I can see myself being a joiner in the future because I picked up on it so well as I previously did a year of it in college. I enjoy college too because I get on with the people there, the teachers are easy to get on with to and that makes it easier to learn theory and new things.”