Liam Boyd

liam boydL2 Maintenance Operations Apprentice


Liam Boyd (17) joined YORfuture Shared Apprenticeship Scheme as a Maintenance Operative Apprentice in October 2013 after finding the advert on a recruitment website while actively looking for an apprenticeship opportunity. Liam expressed a desire to work in the industry and was a very likeable character during his interview, when offered the job he was delighted and couldn’t wait to get to work with his first host contractor Henry Boot who were able to over him an 8 month work placement. Liam has recently moved to his next placement with Keepmoat.


Liam said,


“This opportunity came up just at the right time for me, I was at college doing brickwork full time but I really wasn’t enjoying it. I only went onto this course as I couldn’t find an employer who was offering apprenticeship opportunities. If it wasn’t for the shared apprenticeship scheme I would have been stuck in a dead end job at college not enjoying what I was doing.”


Liam expressed interest in the maintenance operative qualification because ‘learning more than one trade gives me better prospects of getting a job as I am experienced in more areas of the industry. It also gives me the opportunity to progress onto a Level 3 qualification specialising in a specific trade’.


The shared apprenticeship scheme has opened new doors to apprentices throughout the region offering different experiences to young people.Liam said,


“By being part of the shared apprenticeship scheme you are not limited to the experiences one company can give you, I am given to opportunity to move to different companies opening me up to working with different people, on different contracts and learning new and different ways of working. It has grown my confidence tremendously by meeting new people with different personalities and by building these relationships it increases my prospects of getting a job at the end of my apprenticeship.”


Liam has expressed many advantages of being an apprentice through the YORfuture CITB shared apprenticeship scheme but most of all he said,


“I enjoy the different experience and the support that CITB and YORfuture have given me is brilliant. The contractors are also supporting me through my journey to which I am extremely grateful. It has given me a foundation into working life and I am beginning to realise what a working environment is like and I also enjoy the money that comes with a job!”


Liam expressed his gratitude to the shared apprenticeship scheme and said,


“ I would definitley recommend YORfuture as they have given me job security so I don’t have to worry about not finishing my apprenticeship, I am guaranteed a qualification and they support you 100% every step of the way”. “By YORfuture giving me this opportunity I hope to finish my apprenticeship and move on through the ranks progressing as far as I can and maybe one day owning my own business”.