New task for the day… write a blog!

Writing material for the website is not my normal thing, and it is not part of my normal day to day tasks. However, with the Great British Apprenticeship Challenge just around the corner, and requests for selfies and comments on why I chose the apprenticeship route I thought I would give our Comms Manager a little break from writing!


So, I’m Eddy, the Business Support Apprentice for Futureworks Yorkshire. In simple terms, I provide administrative support to the whole team. Day to day tasks include looking after the recruitment system, maintaining the electronic filing system and communicating with the apprentices. So, definitely not writing blogs! Normally I am based in the office but they do ‘let me out’ as I will go out for the day with the Placement Support Officers. Doing this I get to meet other apprentices, share experiences and also see the tasks my colleagues do to ensure that all apprentices have the best experience possible. It definitely gives me an insight into the world of construction beyond the office environment.


As with all apprentices, we are frequently asked about ‘Why we chose the apprenticeship route?’, ‘What do you do in your day to day role as an apprentice?’ and ‘Would we recommend an apprenticeship?’ – I’ll blame our Comms Manager for that! Anyway, it is valuable to share our thoughts so that others, like me, have as much info as possible before making the decisions as to what to do to get to where they want to be.


There will be others like me who don’t want to go into Further Education, where the thought of Uni is not appealing as you don’t necessarily get the ‘hands on ‘experience. With an apprenticeship, I get to apply things I learn in my studies to my day to day work. Now I know some people will think that there isn’t much to an apprenticeship, I know I did, and I couldn’t have been further away from the truth. Daily there will be challenges and as I grow in confidence and learn more, I gain more responsibilities – looking after the recruitment system being one of them. This is a big responsibility as Futureworks Yorkshire need this to help the company grow and support all the businesses that work with us. My apprenticeship is definitely exceeding my expectations and making me learn more.


Now as much as greater responsibility can be daunting and you may think ‘oh let’s go for an easier option’, if I wasn’t doing this then I wouldn’t be gaining the valuable work experience, with so many different aspects, that I can transfer to other roles if I so wish in the future. The options that will be open to me are endless. And of course there is that added bonus that I get money in my pocket as I’m developing my skills and learning – now not everyone can say that!


Working with the team is vital in my learning, and I am lucky in that I get along well with everyone. The office banter can be entertaining and it makes me realise that as much as work is important, it is just as important to add in some normality. It helps boost the office morale and it makes us work even better together.


Even though I may have the word ‘apprentice’ in my title, I am just as important as other members of the team. The tasks you perform as an apprentice are necessary for the successful running of any business. I don’t feel like I am an apprentice. And as my colleagues say, they were once in my position, though not necessarily as an apprentice, but they were in the position that they needed to learn and develop their skills with the support of those who were more experienced.


So, amongst the questions our Comms Manager asks – would I recommend an apprenticeship? The answer has to be most definitely! And I hope that other people that choose this route will be as lucky as I am with the team they get to work with and the support they are given.


Now should I say fingers crossed our Comms Manager doesn’t ask me to write again? I bet there will be another blog from me in the future if she has her way!