May 2018 – ‘They’re only an Apprentice’ a blog by our award winning apprentice, Bryn Roberts


January 2018 – The Final Hoorah from the soon not-to-be Comms Manager (Hannah Crookes, Communications Manager)


December 2017 – An EN:ABle Futures Carol (Mark Scott, Operations Executive & Hannah Crookes, Communications Manager)


November 2017 – The dreaded ‘P’ word (Hannah Crookes, Communications Manager)


October 2017 – It’s in the detail (Amy Dutton, Placement Support Officer, Futureworks Flintshire)


September 2017 – Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor……. (Catherine Bishop, Executive – Employment & Skills)


August 2017 – Skills development through work and a puppy (Hannah Crookes, Communications Manager)


July 2017 – Nothing is ever straightforward (Julie Deeley, Operations Manager)


June 2017 – Choices: A little, big word (Catherine Bishop, Director)


May 2017 – Decisions, Decisions… (Hannah Crookes, Communciations Manager)


April 2017 – Vital skills and knowledge needed for our workforce now and in the future…


March 2017 – Seeing is Believing (George Foster, Apprentice)


February 2017 – New task for the day… write a blog (Eddy Dennis, Apprentice)


January 2017 – Culture of Apprenticeships