Positive words from BAM Construction Ltd

Futureworks (Yorkshire) are proud to work in partnership with BAM Construction Ltd to support them in their endeavours to provide as many new apprenticeship opportunities as they possibly can on each project they are successful in delivering. Working with BAM and their supply chain we look at what trades or professional apprenticeships are feasible on each development and can easily be delivered.


As Carol Shaw, Education and Community Co-ordinator – North East at BAM Construction Ltd tells us:


“BAM have worked with Futureworks (Yorkshire) for over 4 years.  Futureworks (Yorkshire) have supported the recruitment of both BAM and our sub-contractors, advertising, sifting and interviewing potential candidates before referring the most suitable.   


“Over the years Futureworks (Yorkshire) have referred some very capable candidates,  who have made such a good impression on ourselves and our sub-contractors that they have taken them on to their books, continuing to support their apprenticeship.”


These words have been given following another successful opportunity being presented to one of our apprentices, Kyle (keep an eye on our website for Kyle’s story, which will follow soon), who has successfully gained a Plumbing Apprenticeship with a sub-contractor of BAM Construction Ltd on the Elliot Hudson site.