Spaghetti Challenge for IAG


Futureworks is passionate about ensuring young people get the right and relevant information, advice and guidance to help them progress on their career journey. There are so many options available so it is vital they understand what is available to them.


This month our sister company in Wales had the opportunity to speak to Year 10 pupils about careers in the construction industry. And in true Futureworks fashion, they also had to try something hands-on… and who would have thought this would involve building a house (complete with a sloping roof) with gas, electric and a water supply out of marshmallows and spaghetti!


The pupils were incredibly engaging and made the most of the opportunity to get their burning questions answered, which of course included wages, but more importantly training.


Up-skilling the current workforce is vital, and so is ensuring our future workforce have all the skills they need to be successful in the industry, especially as part of our workforce gets closer to retirement so we need to prevent their skills and knowledge from being lost. Using careers events is a great way to share our knowledge and give young people the best start as they consider joining us in the industry.