As a Shared Apprenticeship Service supported by the CITB and working under licence from YORhub to deliver the YORfuture Programme, EN:Able Futures offer the following benefits to users of the service:


  • All individuals wishing to become an apprentice will undergo a thorough screening and assessment process.
  • Successful applicants will be directly employed by EN:Able Futures and will be paid national minimum wage rates.
  • All apprentices will undergo a comprehensive health and safety induction.
  • All EN:Able Futures apprentices will attend college on day release or block release.
  • EN:Able Futures will be responsible for arranging and managing all training related to the achievement of the apprenticeship.
  • Each apprentice will have a nominated CITB Skills Training Coordinator, who will be responsible for reviewing their progress.
  • EN:Able Futures will place the apprentice with local contractors to ensure they successfully complete their apprenticeship.
  • Apprentices achieving their Level 2 have the opportunity to progress to Level 3.


Benefits for the Contractor


  • Contractors supporting the placement of EN:Able Futures apprentices will contribute towards meeting any employment KPIs, which they are obliged to meet through YORhub, other Public Sector procurement frameworks and Private Developer schemes.
  • As the apprentice is employed by EN:Able Futures, not the host contractor, all employment responsibilities for the apprentice remain with EN:Able Futures.
  • No contractor commitment to guaranteeing continuity of employment after the placement has finished.
  • Contractors are only charged a weekly fee for hosting the apprentice.  No further costs are incurred.
  • Contractors are supporting the recruitment of apprentices, thereby ensuring a skilled and qualified workforce is able to meet future skills requirements.


Benefits for the Apprentice


  • Access to high quality training and support.
  • Opportunity to work with a wide range of different contractors, providing a much broader experience.
  • Risk of not being able to complete their apprenticeship drastically reduced.
  • Achievement and success rates of EN:Able Futures apprentices are above local, regional and national averages.