The final hoorah from the soon not-to-be Comms Manager…


For those of you who read our blogs, you will know I am the one who normally hounds others to put something together before I give up and do it myself… to be fair though I lack patience and the team are incredibly busy supporting local businesses and apprentices… so it’s quicker for me to do it! But this time it is me writing for the last time – well for this community interest company anyway. Hopefully I will get through this without tears falling on the laptop (or on the puppy who is curled up with me as I write this).


2017 saw big changes for the team as they moved from the award winning success of Futureworks (Yorkshire) to a new brand, logo and name as they became a part of the Efficiency North family, and are now more fondly known as EN:Able Futures. 2017 also saw big changes from me – client changes (as I continue in my quest to stay in the freelance world), a new relationship (well continuing on from the end of 2016) and a big move. The move wasn’t just down the road, I decided to take myself 6 hours away by car (an hour of which is on a boat)!


Now despite the move I have continued working with a team. They’ve supported me in my desire for change and I have continued to work remotely as the company have continued to change themselves. Weekly calls with Catherine, add in calls from Mark, and of course the never-ending emails between the team, we have made it work. We understand how we all operate. We know what we like and dislike. It’s like a long-distance relationship!


May 2013 saw the start of what is now known as EN:Able Futures and I was proud to be there at the beginning, dipping in to provide support for the communications work as an additional part of my employed job, which became a more permanent feature in 2015 as I went freelance.


I am proud to say I have watched the company grow as I have grown myself. Working with the team I’ve helped get the social media presence off the ground, managed the website, drafted those press releases, designed marketing collateral (never knew I was a designer but when needs must) and helped promote a song… something I never thought I would do in my career #BuildingYourFuture! And it doesn’t end there! There is so much more to it though than these simple statements of typical communications activities! There have been phone calls late at night, the weekend email exchanges, the differences of opinion and the tweaks etc (I won’t lie – sometimes I have wanted to throw my head against a wall) to finalise those little details that to some mean nothing, but to us meant everything.


Regardless of this, I wouldn’t change a thing!


Even moving away they have kept me involved and I have never felt like I am out of the loop! This team are committed to helping others to achieve their aspirations, and I can honestly say they go beyond that! It isn’t just about building positive futures for the company, its apprentices and business supporters… this goes out to their own direct workforce too! Now as freelancer, I work with many companies but you don’t always build relationships with those you work with on a personal level. EN:Able Futures though have always made me feel part of the team, and supported me as if I was a direct employee. To me I feel that is important for all freelancers as it helps us excel in our areas of work. The team, between them, have been mentors and friends to me – helped me through bad times, helped bring out my abilities and skills (some of which I never knew existed) and helped me achieve the standards I am proud of. I could go into specifics as to what each member of this fantastic team have done to help me but then it would make this blog too emotional!


For a few days a month of work I do feel we have achieved a lot! We have found ways to get our name out there that not everyone would think of.


Nearly five years on it is time for me to bid farewell as the team start their exciting new ventures and carry on doing my ‘freelance thing’.


So for the future… I have no doubt that EN:Able Futures will continue upwards from their award-winning success of Futureworks (Yorkshire). This is one determined team who will seek out the best in everyone.


For me, I will still appear every now and then. I may be living elsewhere but Yorkshire will always be at my heart… you can’t get rid of me that easily! 😊


Best wishes




PS Thank you to everyone I have worked with… you are all amazing!