We think saying ‘yes’ can be the best thing to do………..



This month our blog has been crafted by our latest team member, Jen. We think Jen has lots of interesting things to say about starting a new job which is something our apprentices do every day. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Thanks Jen over to you……….. ‘Starting a new job is basically agreeing to say “yes” to anything that is asked of you so you appear capable, agreeable and enthusiastic. Now… I like to think I am those things naturally but starting a job can feel like you’re under a microscope and you want to be the best you can be. So, I said “yes” when asked if I would write a blog post. My mouth said “yes” and my head said “Blog post, are you crazy, you have nothing of interest to say…RUN!”. However, I will write said blog post and I will use it as a tool to reflect on my first 4 weeks in a new job. If nothing else, hopefully it’s a little relatable for people who have stepped out of their comfort zone and sought new employment. Here goes…

Age is a funny thing. I started all gung-ho and not wanting to get too comfortable in life, employment etc. Then low and behold, you gain a few years in age and realise that comfort is a big deal! I was very comfortable in my previous job. Not just comfortable, I got a lot from it too but I was certainly comforted by the fact that I knew my job and organisation inside and out and didn’t have to stretch myself too much anymore.
At some point, despite comfortable being a great feeling, it wasn’t enough. A nagging feeling that I needed to learn something new and be pushed a little more came over me and wouldn’t leave my side. So about a year later, after numerous job applications and a small number of interviews, I secured a job with EN:Able Futures.
I had a grey-ish, fuzzy outline of what my job would be on a day-to-day basis but EN:Able Futures and I both took a big leap of faith in each other. There is a bizarre mix of excitement and comfort in knowing that my new steps into EN:Able Futures were similar to the new steps they were taking as a company as well.
The ability to help in carving out a new role, rather than stepping into someone elses shoes is a big job and one that will help to build copious skills like assertiveness, decision making, problem solving.
However, starting a new role in an industry that is brand new to me (Construction) comes with many hidden challenges, one of which being that I need to learn a whole new language. Acronyms wait for my in every conversation I have or email I receive and I’m left thinking, “What is BIM?”, “Who is GCO?”, “What does CBE mean?”…writing them down in my diary to come back to at a later point when I can google this new language.
Along with these new challenges comes hidden perks, like being able to have my own hard-hat, high-vis and steel toe-capped boots. Being in the middle of house renovation at the moment, I’m sure these will prove really useful at home as well as on the job. If anything, hopefully my house DIY will help to make my PPE look less gleaming and not give away my newness into the industry.

Having spent the last few years helping other people into work, starting a new job myself is eye-opening. I have been helping people improve their confidence and show themselves as capable, keen individuals. So now I’m putting my money where my mouth is and so I will stand-up straight, speak clearly, look people in the eye and continue to say “yes”.’