A third of construction firms rely on migrant workers


Looking into the first of a series of CITB Research White Papers on Attracting New Talent (June 2017), Building.co.uk have reported that Employers turn to migrants because there are not enough skilled job applicants in the UK.


One in three UK construction companies employs migrant workers, and half of these fear the potential impact of an immigration cap. Take a look at CITB’s report and Building.co.uk’s article.


Mark Scott, Director at Futureworks (Yorkshire), comments on both:


“Yet again we see headlines on the doom and gloom from the skills shortages in the UK construction industry. What are we doing about it though?


“Migrant workers have always featured in the workforce in the UK and will continue to do so despite scare mongering from BREXIT, but is this the real issue or is it just another smoke screen to cover up for lack of investment in skills over the past 30 years?


“This year saw the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, aimed at increasing the number of apprenticeships in the UK to the tune of 3,000,000 by 2020 and giving more ownership of their training to the employer.


“We all know the system is fraught with operational problems both in levy collection and payments for delivery. This should not stop companies looking forward and recruiting apprentices to futureproof their company though, however difficult a path it may seem.


“While the Government gets its act together on its future approach, we need to stop looking for the problems, listening to the “nay-sayers” and start focusing on the solutions now.”


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