Tom Vare

tom vareL3 Apprentice Quantity Surveyor


Tom Vare (18) joined YORfuture Shared Apprenticeship Scheme as an Apprentice Quantity Surveyor in September 2013 after completing his first year of sixth form studying A Levels.


Tom was due to start a Business Studies course at Leeds City College and was also holding down a part time job at ASDA when he applied for the vacancy of a Technical Apprentice with YORfuture.


Tom believed it suited him more to be working whilst learning at the same time rather than be in a classroom. He prefers a more hands on approach to learning and the shared scheme could offer him that.


Following a successful interviewing process Tom was offered the role of Apprentice Quantity Surveyor with Derrick Kershaw Partnership, who after great consideration have committed to an advanced level apprenticeship as opposed to the traditional route for a QS.


Tom explains what his current day to day duties are,


‘I am generally office based; each day varies as to what task I will be doing. Recently I have been doing take offs and the finishes for the walls, floors, ceilings etc; some valuations, measuring the steelwork, producing financial statements.’


Tom said,

“An apprenticeship gives you a chance to be in a real working environment and gives you an advantage over people who just study at college as you get to face many different scenarios that you wouldn’t get looking through a textbook. In addition, you get more responsibility and more experience in that area of work.


“This opportunity means a lot as it gives me a big step into the construction industry and helps me get a career in what I am passionate about. I also realise this is something that many people would like and I appreciate that I am one of few that has the opportunity to get a very good job at the end of my training.”


Once Tom has completed his L3 Advanced Apprenticeship with Distinctions he will progress on to part time university study to continue with his learning and quantity surveying qualifications.


Tom was asked how he felt the YORfuture Shared Apprenticeship Scheme has supported him?  In response, Tom said:


“The staff at Futureworks are supportive, Nicky is very approachable and if I ever have any problems she will always be there to help. Both Futureworks and CITB have me as their best interest and want to help me succeed and do well. They want me to have the best opportunity to succeed and are there to help me achieve all my aims and goals.”