Would you like the chance to make a change?

It’s been a busy few months, a lot of work, a lot of dedication with help and support from fantastic business supporters and apprentices but we are excited that we are now so close to revealing all!


It all started when Mark Scott, Director at Futureworks (Yorkshire) met with the young, up and coming singer Terri-Ann Prendergast at the Prince’s Trust Awards in 2014. The delivery of apprenticeships has not been without challenges. The biggest one faced, though, is the image of the industry and its inability to attract talented young people who are put off by the old images of poor conditions, stereo types etc. Mark elaborated:


“The image of construction to young people is that of a bricklayer or carpenter and is very male orientated. This is only a minor part of the story. Construction and the built environment can provide a very real, varied career option to suit young people of all abilities and aspirations.”


So Mark and Terri-Ann got talking about work and aspirations, which led to discussions about using music to promote careers in construction to young people…. The idea was then born!


Terri-Ann began putting lyrics and ideas together and we are now proud to say our initial idea is now a reality as ‘Building Your Future’ is set for release on 1st December 2015! We’ve also had time to shoot a video, working with Bradford based company GVisions, drama students from Wakefield College and Bardsley Construction, who kindly opened up their site in Wakefield.


Commenting on the launch Terri-Ann said:


“I’m really excited to put the single and video out, and get it heard across Yorkshire. I feel like it will speak to a lot of young people who are feeling confused or lost about their future, and hopefully it will spread a new feeling of hope and excitement at these new prospects! After all the ‘good life’ is there for all who are ready for it!”


Mark Scott added:


“There have been many attempts to change mind-sets about the industry but none like this unique song and video.


“With the song and video we hope to present to young people the types of images that they can relate to and be inspired by. We hope that they see past the stereo types to what can be truly a route to building a very positive future.”


There has been some great feedback already with our initial previews, with one fan commenting:


“I had tears in my eyes listening to that song! It really fits the way I feel right at this moment and it’s made me feel really inspired!”


We can’t wait to reveal all on 1st December!


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